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About us


We are a creative agency with more than 10 years of experience, focused on conceptual design, creating experiences at a graphic and environmental level.


We focus on 360 branding, by creating a corporate identity, the packaging and also the design of the environment, generating experiences and quality products for users. 


Throughout our career, we’ve participated in numerous international awards and won many. Among them the Creativity International Awards, Pentawards, Clap Awards and more.

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Rodrigo Córdova

Creative Director

Graphic designer with a master’s degree in mkt and communication. He has been awarded internationally in creativity contests, also being jury in Creativity awards, Mobius and the internet mkt association, he is considered by “Logos de México” as one of the designers who have influenced the contemporary graphics in Mexico.

Ángel González

Design Director

Passionate about design with more than 13 years of experience. Since the beginning of his career, he has worked with global brands developing projects in different stages such as creative, team coordination, planning and management, achieving a hybrid mode between creative and administrative.

Isabel Martínez

Graphic and Digital Designer

Graphic designer from La Salle University, awarded the Febres Cordero Medal, specialized in brand projects and the creation of concepts for 360 degree projects. Her constant search for solutions different from the conventional ones make her projects stand out and work efficiently.

Eugenio Rodriguez Ramos

Marketing Manager Expert

Senior consultant with 18 years of experience in Marketing and branding strategies improvement measures. Developed and executed global CRM BTL, Social Media and contents campaigns, expert communication with Relationships attitude towards challenges.

Juan Manuel Gordillo

Data Scientist

Economist specialized in trend analysis and data related to markets, lifestyles and consumption patterns. For more than 30 years his performance has been based on consulting and the development of growth strategies based on the Competitive Intelligence methodology.

Claudio Nieto


Architect with a master's degree in Urban Design from the Architectural Association of London. He currently works in the professional field, mainly doing master plans and urban planning instruments. He has taught at La Salle since 2017 and is currently the head of the architecture career at the same university.